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2012 Fishing (& other) Pics 
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Attached are pictures from our October 2012 trip. 
The 1st is Bill Stone holding a 42 inch drum,
the 2nd is Bill Stone with a 43 inch drum. 
The 3rd picture is Seth Holt with a 30 inch drum. 
The 4th picture is Brian Scruggs with a 39 inch drum.

 Seth Holt

Our May Fishing Trip from 2012, Calo is the best.
Some nice blues.
Phillip Parker
Ernie Totem is back!

11/16/2012 -- my daughter loved the old Ernie Totem as she called him… me and one of my fishing buddies saw Ernie lying by the dunes and helped get him back into fishing mode… he said he swam all the back from Arizona…

(He's back from temporary duty on the southern border!
 -- looks like they have a dress code down there, too...
Thanks Lee!)

The Old Ernie.....

This is the fish that won the big fish of the week
on our trip to the island October 12.
Spanky deserved it, fished hard all week. Great trip
Measured 49.5"

John Lineberger


See Tiderunner's story and pics of his stay on the island during Hurricane Sandy!

Here are other pics from Tiderunner's Sandy Trip!


I caught this 44.5" drum last Friday night the 19th on cut blue south pt. unfortunately my friend Spanky caught a 49.5" for big fish of the week. We fished barefooted and shorts all week.
We hope Sandy doesn't mess up the rest of the season for the ones waiting to go.  Best trip yet.

This is Justine Piner, our granddaughter. Mark Piner
caught this in Core Sound.
We spent Monday night on the Banks and it was beautiful.
Peggy & Philip
(Davis, NC)


I caught this 49" length 26" girth red drum on 10/14 Sunday morning on the North End.  All in all our group caught several keeper drum and several throw backs. Flounder bite wasn't as good as the past but still caught a few.
Great time on the island as usual!
Kyle Conder (Myrtle Beach)
(one picture was submitted by Michael Ketchie)

Here's a sting ray we caught 10/21. We had to walk half a mile to get it in. 5ft 6in wing span.


This is the 2012 DIFF Club Tournament Winner,
Brent Murdock from Roxboro NC.

(Drum was 48.5" with a 25" Girth! -
I was told by the winner - Tom)

Pictures submitted by James Barefoot


This was caught on the North end on October 12th at 9:57pm. This was the 4th place Red Drum in the DIFF Tournament. I didn't expect much that night after throwing in as the sand was stinging my face the wind was blowing so bad.
The measurements were:
Length: 44-1/8"   Girth: 23-7/8"    Total: 68
All in all it was a great fishing week for us catching lots of nice mullet, few nice size bluefish and pompano.
Johnny Wells

Labor Day Weekend
I caught a few drum that were to small and a few blue. One really nice blue if it had not been bitten in half before we got it in. We knew we were a little early but we had fun trying. It was really nice meeting you and your daughter at the dock while waiting for the repairs on the four wheeler.
(West Virginia)

8/4/12 - 8/8/12
First day went all the way North. There are a lot of sections closed but the O inlet is open. Caught the rising tide at dusk and the sharks were heavy. We were fishing live and cut mullet and the big sharks were killing us. We spooled 2 heavy (300 yds-65 braid) reels never even slowed them down. Fished North again on falling tide and filled the cooler with Black drum and a couple of keeper flounder. The blacks would only hit sand fleas. We also caught a few grey trout keepers a lot of small sea mullet. Tuesday went south to the point (jetty's closed) fished rising tide and caught very large sea mullet and pompano. Again, the big sharks were every where. There is a shark hole 1/4 mile south of the point on the east side. The sharks were also working a channel in packs at the point. We landed a bunch from 4ft-6ft and also lost a bunch of really big ones. We never got into the red drum. If you want a great shark trip go now. Be ready to drive the back road a lot with all of closed sections North and south. I guess its turtle time. Kids had a great time...they don't care what's on the line.
Jeff Edmiston (jbowhunter)

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