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2013 Fishing (& other) Pics
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Our 7 year old son spent his first night on the island in late Oct. 2013.  On his last cast before the ferry he hooked this 17" black drum on his little lake rod. I was sure the rod would snap!  He's now hooked on CALO and is ready for his spring break on the island. My wife caught her first slot drum (24") - she's been hooked on CALO for 15 years.  Mighty fine times! 
We look forward to getting back soon, as always.

The Martins
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Caught this puppy drum near marker 35 on 11/11/13.
1st time on the island and 1st puppy drum ever.
26 inches. 7 lbs. 
Have a great day!
Michelle Boyette

Here is a beauty I caught Sept 19 on the south end.
I have no idea for sure what the weight was, we were guessing over 50 lbs.  As for the length, we didn't take the time to measure but it was 40-45". You can let everybody know she was returned to the surf  for some other lucky soul to battle.  I have surf fished since I was tall enough to throw lead but have never caught anything like that!  Have a great fall and terrific fishing!
Eric Freeman

Had a great time with Taylor family and KITTY at the Island.  Here are a few fish pics and pics from the light house. 
Do you see our camp?

It was a great trip.
Having fun fighting the Pompano on light tackle!
Larry Mitchell

Caught August 25th at Cape Lookout.

28 red drum (released) was caught on a rising tide (on top of sandbar) using cut blue fish fillet early in the morning.

Mike Collins

Shawn, Rachel, Troy and Tyler Gregor caught this awesome pompano at Cape Lookout on 8/6/2013! The fight lasted 30 minutes, they thought it was a big blue on cut bait in an area were the sand fleas were heavy...
From Fish Reports:
  My fishing buddy caught a monster pompano! It is 18lbs 35 inches. If it is a pompano, it is the world and state record. We are taking it to Harkers Island tomorrow for official weigh in. I can find any reason it is not a pompano...please let me know if you guys do...wish us let...thanks.
Steve Snyder

June 30, 2013
Mark Hansen (caught fish), 68lb cobia, fishing off the south end of ocracoke, using 20lb mono with a drum rig and cut menhaden.
It took roughly an hour to reel in and took a bit longer because we did not have a gaff.  It was the first weekend for surf fishing for two of my four friends that went with me. We caught it on Sunday afternoon about two hours before leaving.

Went over Wed and camped near jetty.
Had to leave early due to storm.

Ricky Price

(6/5 - 6/7/2013)

Rays were biting near Jetty.
Ray Price
4/24 and 4/25/2013
Not sure of the date but it was 1960ish. this was my Dad Tommy Williamson and here's the story.
 The newspaper didn't do this story justice as i have heard it countless times by papa Tommy. He & the dog were trolling for trout just inside Huggins Island. it was a flood tide and the mullets were thick. the dog (spot) was sitting on the bow of the weakfish (17 ft. Simmons Sea Skiff) and noticed something big cutting thru the bait.  Papa said "he stood all he could of that for about 5 minutes and sailed in after it".  Spot swam toward the fish as Papa reeled in his lines.  Spot chased the fish back & forth and kept in in the marsh until Papa arrived and grabbed it by the tail and slung it in the boat. that was the last time he ever grabbed a fish that big by the tail as it, as he put it, "damn near tore my shoulder out of it's socket".  Now that's trout fishin' folks!
(Robert Johnson)

(This is a great start to a new "Historical Pics" page(s) I'd like to start!  If you've got any older pics - pre-1990 or so -- send 'em to me and I'll add them for posterity!! -- Tom@dw)
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