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2016 Fishing (& other) Pics
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6# 3oz speckled trout
Specks and reds caught from kayak at Jetty
18" black drum
4' sand tiger shark caught at jetty
Kevin Harris
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Here is a 6 ft. Lemon Shark, we caught it with a blue head and a few pics from the fires in the mountains 

David Young


Engine 16, C-Shift

City of Durham Fire Department

Took my dad over to the island for the first time for both of us... he will be 69 Nov. 8th and what a treat for both of us. He was able to video my catch of a 27" false albacore on light tackle that he was more excited about than I was.  Great memories for both of us on a beautiful island... thanks to everyone  that stopped to talk to us while we were there.  Our first trip of hopefully many more to come.
Bart Lakey

I thought the fellas looking at the internet and dreaming of fishing would like to see these pics.. November , 5, 2016>>>>We got the OLE DRUM club together this weekend and had a DRUM FEST.  The OLE SILVER BACK that has fished the island for over thirty years caught one as well as our JOEY that showed up with tackle box and shorts on. Several  fish were caught and we really thank the DSFS for making sure the bait was fresh and the ice cold.  Even had some BLUES, FLOUNDER, TOADS, DRUM, CROAKER, POMPANO, ROCK Skates AND Sharks were all caught.  Saw a couple of FAT ALBERTS caught too. Big Fish of the weekend was a 40-incher.

Larry W. Mitchell

Fishing was slow Halloween day . Only rays until my buddy Eddie Benfield landed this 46 inch drum.
Niles Chumley

October 21-24
Dean Swaim

October 3, 2016
They are evacuating the island (10/4/16) and we caught the 3:15 ferry. Biggest fish I have ever caught in my life. I felt as though I had won the lottery. This was a Heck of a catch for me. 46 1/2 ins and 50+ lbs. Caught on cut bait.  It almost feels like a dream to me to have caught a fish this big.
Tammy Kale

September 29, 2016
John and Ricky Price

Have fished the island for almost twenty years mostly with crazed fishing fools that stink of beer and bait.

This trip (Sept 10) took the females of the family and had as good a time as those trips of filling the cooler with flounder and drum.

Enjoyed all there is to do at Core Banks from fishing to camping to site seeing and shell searching.  September is not hot and heavy fishing but is real good weather, warm swimming water and breezy enough to keep the bugs down and no line at the shower.  Hear is a couple of photos for the drum wagon faithful to enjoy.

The Mitchells.

August 21 to 24th pics and the 24th we did not even fish...trip home.
Bill Riggsbee

May 20-21 trip
1.  Jackson Chumley caught this 37 inch drum on #2 j hook two drop rig ,8ft. rod and 12 lb test.
2. Beau Chumley , age 7 reels in his 36 inch drum with help from older brother Jackson , age 12.
3. Pearson Chumley ,10 yrs old reels in this 35 inch drum assisted his Dad, Nick.
Submitted by Nick Chumley.

Went over Friday (4/29) came back Sunday evening...fishing was slow and rough especially on Saturday. We managed only a handful of whiting and blues on Friday, along with landing a few med size sharks 400yards north of the point.
Saturday was rough fishing in the wind, struck out at the point, moved north to the cabins, landed some decent sharks in between break offs...and the shining moment of our trip at 10pm we landed a 48inch watermelon head Red Drum on fresh bluefish, right in front of Cabin 1. Fattest drum I've ever seen, he was just chilling with a herd of dusky sharks.
Sunday was again slow, sharks and a few blues.
Overall not much bait to be had, if your headed over I'd pack some extra from the mainland.
Roads and beach were in the best condition I've seen over my past few trips, access to the point was fine, though we didn't have extreme tides over the weekend.
Can't wait till Oct.
Myles Connor

My older brother with the catch of the weekend. Black drum caught, 4/10/2016 at the best place on earth. Four generations of family for a fishing trip and we got to witness the catch of a lifetime. Wish I had a pic of every one.
Josh Pegram

3/27/16 -- Made a quick trip over this weekend to start off 2016 season with my (new to me) fish buggy. Had awesome time, weather, fishing, serenity, and met some good people. Thanks to Fleet & Kimberly, salty visitors of the island sharing their experiences with this new buggy owner. Plenty of blues, few mullets and 3 Drum - 46", 29" , 39" kept me motivated this weekend. Looking forward to the next outing.
Bryan Ross

3/25-3/27/16 -- My boys first trip over to the island. A nice 23" black drum and a 6' shark they landed. They are hooked.
Mark Grantham

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