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2014 Fishing (& other) Pics
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My 14 year old son, Luke Holder caught this 38 inch Red Drum Nov. 10th just north of the light house closure.  About ¾ way through the fight the handle broke off his spinning reel and I had him back up the beach as I hand lined the big fish in the rest of the way.  This young man has caught a lot of fish in his 14 years, but this was his biggest red drum so far.  Northeast wind was just starting to pick up as we caught this one and the rest of our trip the ocean was extremely rough.  Still no better place to be with friends and family, making lifetime memories like this
great catch. 

Joe Holder

Lee Bradshaw and Eric Lamb caught these drum fishing in front of the weather station on Cape Lookout 11/12/14. 

Length of fish were 46” and 48” 

Lee Bradshaw

Headed over to the island on Sunday the 16th and had luck almost anywhere we stopped. Toads and whiting were caught a little north of lighthouse. Black and red drum were caught at jetty. Last day we were catching keeper black drum and undersized reds every cast! Great trip and can't wait to be back next year.
Jonathan Kennington

Adam Abel (pictured) caught one 43.5 inch Red Drum and one 45.5 inch Red Drum on the night of 11/12/14. Jessica Abel (pictured) caught one 47.5 inch Red Drum on the same night. We were at the south point of Cape Lookout. Thought you might like to share these on your site.
Thank you,
Jessica Sheffield

This 48 inch drum was caught on the South Point on 11/2 by my buddy, Lewis Long. Conditions were cold, wet and windy. Surf was extremely rough and after a 45 minute fight, the drum was landed and released safely.
Niles Chumley

Fishing trip with the Davie County Rod and Suds Club November 8-13. Caught this one on November 12, last fish caught. 46 1/2 inches long just North of the lighthouse.
Andy Williams

The “FHB” crews haul during our trip from November 3rd to 7th. Caught fish at every stop whether it was on the beach side, the point or the jetty! The picture of the large eel was caught last November (2013) and had to be pulled out of the rocks during a 45 minute fight, but was worth the trouble!
Shared by Mike Collins

Bob Leininger catching a 47" Red drum on
Cape Lookout 10/31
Submitted by Glen Mineau

(left) James Wiggins 48" on Oct 19th off south point of Lookout. 
(right) Micheal Chaney Oct 18.

Here's a couple of pictures from Davis island from September 18th. David Dycus with a red drum and Charles and Amy Dycus with two drum on one rig.
David, Charles, and Amy Dycus

First week of October 2014
Bryant Adams

Kitty and I went camping to the island for our last summer blast. We caught some fish, ate some fish and frolicked on the beach.!  The weather cooperated for the most part until Sunday when the waves turned on and the fishing turned off. Here are a few pics to enjoy.
Larry Mitchell

Caught on shrimp Labor Day weekend. Great time with family.
Jonathan Davidson

These young men of mine caught this 18in black drum and 17in pompano along with 31 seamullets... both were excited to catch a big one... Ethan is 9 and Lucas is 7 fishing from the "Sandy Dollar".  Fish were caught 8-30-14.
Dewayne Massey

Here are some pics of a fishing trip my wife and I took on Thursday night 8-14-14 in the Pamlico Sound with Ironhead. Thanks to you for posting and Thanks to Ironhead for providing a great guide service!
John Often

1st catch was 5/12/14 and second was caught 5/13/14
(9 lbs 7 ounces and 7 lbs 6 ounces)
Jimmy Gauldin
Submitted by Michelle Friddle

31” Striper (released) was caught on sand bar
perpendicular to the point on a high tide
(Caught May 3rd, 10:30am)

18” (2.42lb) citation sized Pompano was caught on
sand bar perpendicular to the point on a high tide
(Caught May 3rd, 11:00am)
Mike Collins

Couple of pictures of the guys first puppy drum of the season. Caught 4/4 thru 4/6. Tough fishing but only takes a couple to make 'em smile.
Mike Hudson
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