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2015 Fishing (&other) Pics

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2015 has been a GREAT year for pictures of awesome catches on CALO!!

Nov 7-15 south point ocean side caught 4 citation fish largest being 46" couple more fish caught over 30". Group of spencer adams todd adams and Tony adams. Anticipate next year being even better.
Spencer Adams
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Caught these sheepshead just south
of weather station on Nov. 16th.
8 pounds and 10 pounds on fresh shrimp.
Joe Holder and son Matthew

We found the big reds just south of the light house.  18 total with 15 citations.  It was fun!
One lone striped bass was mixed in.
Nov 4th - 8th
Matt Bland
It was 9 am on the last day of our trip about 200 yards north of the cabins and it seemed hopeless. We were down to our last pieces of bait, then my little boy got hooked up to what seemed like a skate but then we saw the tail come out of the water with a black dot on it then I realized that my 11 year old son Kenneth just hooked up to a 46 inch bull red drum.  He fought hard but the little boy got him in and we boarded the ferry at 11:00. That was the last fish of the day that is what happened.
Kenneth Lanier
October 30, 2015

September 11 2015
We caught 12 drum that day all over the slot limit. It was Thaedra's first trip and now she is hooked for life.
Ray Robinson

This was from our 2nd annual father and son trip to CALO on October 22nd through 25th.  Had a blast....got a few fish to bring home.  Always enjoy spending time with the boys and watching them grow up.  
We love the time around sunrise and sunset.  
CALO is a special place.  I hope folks treat it that way and don't mess it up....
The gentleman with the big drum is Jamey.  Beautiful fish.
Brian and Chandler Rabalis with friend Jake.

Here are a few photos from our family trip over Halloween weekend.  My 8 year old son chose to fish instead of trick-or-treat.  We didn't catch much but had a great time, as always.  My wife and son caught all the keepers. 
Look at the cast on that kid!
The Martins of Charlotte!

Fishing on the point 11-1-2015
Scott Green

Here are some photos of our recent trip to Davis Island. October 23rd-27th, caught many blues, small and good sized ones, several keeper flounder from 16-19", plus other shorts.
Also, caught a few slot drum and probably 20 undersized drum. No big drum this trip. Also a few photos of the cut made by the outflow of water at the south end on Saturday. All of our fishing was done on south end. Never made it all the way to the point, most people we have ever seen on the island.
Great trip and time with family members.
David Penninger
High Point

I caught this citation drum on the south point 10/26/15 on a falling tide. Leaving the island that afternoon so I thought I'd try to land a slot drum before leaving. I packed it up after landing this one. The pic was worth it.
Steve Jones

Jeff Price from Princeton, NC.
44 inch - 10/28/2015

  Drumbums and friends fishing from 10-17 through
10-23...great fishing the 19th through 21st..drum,flounder and Albies..with a drum blitz on Monday. Great weather.
Mike Ketchie
See Videos from the trip Here!

Adam Abel, Jeff Walker and Jessica Abel with their citation drum caught at the south point. Jeff also caught a second citation drum that night. Blues were biting like crazy the rest of the time. It was a great trip. - The 3 Narwhals (creating a commotion in the ocean)
October 16-19 2015
Jessica Abel

Caught last October on the point.
Scott Green
A few from this past weekend if you want to post them.
Daryl Anderson/humdrum

Davis and Hiway 70 going to Beaufort.
Friday 10/3/15.
It was coming over the roads Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Joaquin may have gone to the east, but the amount of water in the sound and from the rain is pretty nasty.

Left-James Tolston from Rocky Mount  caught this 30 inch drum on the south end close to the light house  Friday using cut mullet on a falling tide. Many more were caught but all were over slot up to 37 inches.
Center - Immet Dew also of Rocky Mount with his first ever big drum coming in at 29 and one half inches using cut mullet minnows.
Right - Chadwick Tolston of Wilmington landed this beautiful 29 incher using cut mullet and squid. The drum run was on!
James Tolston

We had a great fishing trip catching two red drum! We caught one that was 32 long and one that was 44 long. We also caught a cooler full of mullets. 
Russell Lee

Labor Day Weekend.
Wow! Best trip to the Island me and wife ever had. Was fishing the very tip of the south point were the sound and ocean meet, But the wind was blowing west so we casted just a little bit to the sound side. There is a little pocket rite there were the bait fish were getting pushed up into. We caught just about every fish you can think of rite there, and a lot of them. Wife even caught a blue runner on a push button Zebco 33 . I was so proud of her. It was our anniversary and got some good pictures of all of this.
Leave some for us next year ..un huh !
Family Guy

Had the pleasure of flying over the island on Saturday (8/15/15) afternoon. Was amazed at how long and narrow the point has become this summer. It extends out very close to "shark island" at low tide. There is a tidal pool that runs over the majority of it as well. ( even have a video of South end from spit to point)
Try this link for video. Sound is nothing but engine noise fyi

Was just looking through the pics on Drumwagon Site and remembered I had taken these back in October 2011.
Thought I'd share w/Drumwagon.
(I didn't see any pics of this on there)

Submitted by Fleet & Kimberly Temple

(Ouch.....This was posted on Fish Reports in October 2011,
but the links to the pictures are broken because the
site removed them. - Tom)

Took this one down to see some of its relatives now long gone.
We planned this after school trip for the kids. We had a great time and the weather was perfect.
It is mostly 1929 Ford, Original engine, and drive works. Built as a High School project in 1954 or so up in NJ. I found it in Front Royal Va. Not running 5 years ago.
These cars and the likes ran the banks for years. There is a picture of one on the beach in the NPS office at Harkers island.

James Barefoot

Left-Caught behind cabins on cut bait. 6/9/2015
Middle-Behind the cabins on cut bait on low tide.
39 inch drum on cut bait behind cabins on low tide.
Terry Poarch
(Submitted by Tara Kush & Spongebob Trip-6/5-6/12)
One of my many drum caught 4/29-5/2. Caught at the Point.
Reid Hallyburton

Mike Ketchie, Angelo Karagiorgis and Bob Tucci, all from Winston-Salem fishing the banks south from 4-14 through 4-17.  Great weather... two small showers, and many fish.
Angelo had the 44X 27 1/2
     The other drum were,  30  29 and a tagged 28.  To eat... we had also about 50 Blow fish,2 Sheephead, and some Mullet.......the Spiny Dogfish were relentless...great spring trip.
(Submitted by Mike Ketchie)

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