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Here are some fish pics........Click the Pic to View Full Size!!
I know Jack's in more of these pictures than anyone else, but it's his camera and well, you know...
(But other people do catch fish!!)
2003 Fishing (& other) Pics 
Email your fish pictures (with short-story) to tom@drumwagon.com!!

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Family and friends on the annual trip to the Banks. Caught some Albies. They would swim right by our legs chasing minnows. Had a blast as always. Caught plenty of fish,  November 2002.
Jimmy Kremidas, Florence SC (That's me on the right).
See you this Fall!


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1 - Nice keeper Red caught during a run of blues and trout. It was just of size so we kept plus it was this guys first Red ever caught after years of fishing the surf.  2 - This is Chad Dutton cast netting for finger mullet. He has a pretty good throw with that net wouldn't you say? (..wonder if he gives lessons? - Tom)  3 - See what I mean. Shhhhh.....don't tell anyone about this honey hole. 4 - Yes this guy is in his underwear. I told him waders aren't that expensive.
Steven Vallad from Pinehurst.

018_15.JPG (35549 bytes)
I was down in Oct. and caught this little Spanish.  Thought it was a start to something but it was the only one we caught.  Thanks. 

JOE from Pineville N.C.


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It was nice meeting you on the north end last week. Here are two 43 inch fish caught there on high tide 10-18-02 at about 9:30 pm. These were the only two we caught but I did see six more about the same size.
Good fishing to all and can't wait until next year.
Mark Monroe
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More fun for the masses.
September 2002: 

My buddy and I came across a school of Spanish busting glass minnows. Jumped out of the vehicle and hung this Fat Albert on the first cast. 20 minutes later and half a mile down the beach this guy finally came to the beach. I ran back to the truck for a quick photo and release. Meanwhile my buddy is steady filling up the cooler with nice keeper Spanish. While still huffing and puffing from the jog up the beach I cast again and Wham, Albert's little brother started my real screaming. Here we go again. It doesn't get much better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


t-skate.jpg (26945 bytes)

Hey Jack,

Duane Jordan here (The Chumbucket)! 
I don't think I've had the pleasure of meeting you in person, yet! 
Maybe next trip? Got a picture of a big ray we landed on our last trip. Didn't know if you wanted to post it or not. Love the website and of course...the Island!   See ya (hopefully) next trip! 


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Kingfish1.jpg (25093 bytes)

Andy King sent these in!!  
"I got the 3 drum on Oct 23rd 1999. I was really surprised at luck. Before then the biggest drum I'd ever caught was around 6-7 lbs. I enjoyed the whole trip.  You may know some guys that witnessed my 3rd catch. The Byrds from Kitty Fork area have a RV called "Bird Nest".   Mac Sutton was with them too.  I don't know them well but we're from same neck of the woods and I showed them the last drum I got that night.  We all had a fit.  Can't wait to go back sometime."
47inRed.jpg (121281 bytes)
I really love the Island and your website. 
Thought I'd pass along a pic of my biggest Drum. 
It was caught 11-08-01 just north of the Point on the south end.
 Fish was 47 1/2"L x 28"G. Estimated 46.6lbs using a formula I found.
Keep up the good work on the site.
Mark Monroe
Salisbury, NC
BRIAN'~1.JPG (14513 bytes)

Brian Delk  with black drum caught 5/3/01 on the Island. This was the first time that Brian had ever been fishing and had never caught a fish before. The fish was 49 inches long and 21 inches high (not girth).  Estimated total weight 50 lbs. The fish was revived and put back to be caught again!



bigflounder 1.jpg (24480 bytes)bigflounder 2.jpg (29167 bytes)
Jack, thought you might like to see a 17 lb flounder. Only one problem, it was caught on the wrong island.......Portsmouth!! Charlie Schoonermaker was the lucky soul.
David Howell
(hate to post one from the 
"wrong island", but it sure is pretty!!)

bgfl.jpg (18767 bytes)
Doormat flounder caught at the Jetty!!!


jackdrum.jpg (169821 bytes)
Just another average Red Drum?


bigfish2.jpg (226830 bytes)
What a fish story this is... but I'm not gonna tell it 
(Jack tells a much better fish story than I do)
jacktuna.jpg (175408 bytes)
Nice catch... actually it was caught out from Islamorada Key, Florida one Christmas Day!


whichrod.jpg (20462 bytes)
This is what it used to look like at the North End during the "DIFF CLUB DRUM TOURNAMENT"
(... can't remember which one is mine!)



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See Ladies.... This is the way to spend quality time with your fella? (Sherri Dunaway!)


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