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2011 Fishing (& other) Pics 
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There was a lot of discussion about the totem pole on the island and I ran across this picture.
Thought you might like to have it or for posting.
David Dycus
(It is widely believed that the NPS removed our friend in 2011!)

Email your fish (or unusual?) pictures (with short-story) to  tom@drumwagon.com!!


Ok, here are some more pictures with short captions.

540 & 542 some nice reef fish.

488 & 480 fun with friends.  

463 first you have catch them then you have to clean them, work work work, and some people thinks it's all just fun and games. 

152,154 after the Nov. 5-6th storm that had steady 25-40 mph with gust to 70 the sand was gone leaving behind plenty of shells
093 & 105   If  you keep fresh bait in the water and not sleep, this too could happen to you.

and a moonscape. 
817..... last one (but hardly least!!) T
his is Mrs Stingsilver with a  little trout.



Here are some pictures from this fall you can post on Drumwagon.  

203: Mr. and Mrs. Stingsilver having a fine day on the cape.

 121 (2): say Ah!

249: sunset on the west beach

221: trout fishing in Nov. in bathing suits.

126 & 412: be careful where you drive.

367: old telegraph poles now showing in front of great island camp,
this used to be the center of the island.

446: dawn with good friends and trout.

586&588: would you believe a banjo minnow?


(Have never, in 25+ years seen the poles that far south!!)

Thank you for posting the pics i sent you here is another of
the sting ray hit location.
Again thanks for the quick posting and hope to see you all soon ( maybe coming over after Thanksgiving dinner for a couple of days) .
Brandon Henson

The story is posted at

Here are a few pictures of some drum caught in October on Cape Lookout,
from Double D.
David Dycus
(The big un was reported to be 48"! - tom)

Here are good pics from the north end of the Island.
Brandon & Mark.
Brandon Henson
Photos of some drum caught during October 2011 trip. 
From Turkeyfoot
(10/24 & 25)
(note: Turkeyfoot wanted to show Blackbeard there was fish in the water.)

These are a couple pictures from week of 8/8/2011. 
I posted a fishing report under” jbowhunter”.
Jeff Edmiston

(Report is at http://drumwagon.com/fishrep/fishrep_show.asp?ID=40006)

Here are some fishing pics from this past weekend at Cape Lookout.  This was Ms. Ruby Parrish's first trip over and she caught a 32 inch Blue!  By the way...she's 82 years young:)  The other pic is of our son Nathan (7 y/o) with his 19 inch flounder.  Thanks for posting the pics...we had a great weekend.  Of course we always do when we're at CALO!   
David and Heather Young

I usually fish on Cape Lookout but decided to take a boat out from Harker's
Went up by the south point of Cape Lookout close to the beach and saw what I thought was a school of bait.  Threw a 3/8 oz. jig in it and landed a 74 lb. black drum.  Followed the school around for 2 hours; had 5 more on but they broke off.    You could have cast out to them from the surf if you were casting from the point.  
Thanks to my boat partners Brian and Michael Ray. 
Derick Crater

March 27, 2011
These pics were taken by our division manager's oldest son's fishing partner.   Here are the photos of the VERY rare pod of orcas off of Oregon inlet yesterday!   They normally do not come further south than Iceland. This pod was in behind the fishing fleet attacking blue fin tuna! There were a total of ten fish that were hooked up , that were taken by these huge killer whales.
Captain said they were behind the boat like barracuda in the keys!!!! In the last pic you can see the line coming from the boat to the bluefin tuna in the orcas mouth!!!
North Carolina sport fishing definitely has it all now!!!!
Submitted by Joseph Clint Parks
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