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2018 Fishing (& other) Pics
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November 1st was a great day fishing for us, Kellie and I came to our favorite place to celebrate our 21st wedding anniversary.
30 inch black drum on pink fish bite, 5 slot red drum in the suds, 10 whiting, 15 smaller black drum, 30 blues all on lures, flounder and pompano. All caught in 5 hrs, then the wind took us back to reality. So thankful for little miracles to keep us together.
 Steve and Kellie Snyder
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(1) John Dycus with first drum of trip

(2) Huge bat ray caught by David Dycus

(3) Sunset on south point

(4) Matt Whitaker with fat daytime caught shark

(5) Small permit caught on fish bites

Submitted by David Dycus

Me and my boys caught this beauty around noon on 8/24 down near Drum Inlet.
Thomas, Gregory, and Tyler Smith

July 18th -21st.
Noah Adams (Left) caught his biggest and Cole Weeks (Right) caught his first drum.
Bryant Adams

Hey, enjoy your site. Here’s a few pics from our 5/25- 5-26 trip. Fishing just south of the cabins.
Kevin Shuey

Big black drum (48") caught today on south side of point by
Lane Bowman!!

My son and I go to cape lookout twice a year! This time the timing worked out beautifully! Started on the first day with slot puppies. Every day brought limits of slots. Tuesday was nasty. Thought that the camper was gonna take flight. Wednesday brought about my first bull drum at 44”. This only inspired my son! His hyper butt proceeded to catch a 43 1/2”, a 33” and a 45” smoking dear, old dad. We began to run out of mullet. So, I tried to convince him to put an aspirin on his hook (probably wouldn’t have slowed him down a bit)! Best trip ever!
Ron Bibey

Caught these last week (April 16th -20th).  Limited out on drum at the Point.  Caught several on the north end.  Chopper Blues were biting at the point as well. 

Blue pic in brown jacket- Josh Funderburk

Blue pic in gray hoodie- Benjamin Preddy

Drum pic- Greg Summitt

 Group pic left to right:

Greg Summitt, Scott Smith, Tommy Summitt, Benjamin Preddy, Luke Osborne, Josh Funderburk

Had an awesome time.  Best Spring trip we’ve had!
Greg Summitt

Eddie Benfield caught this 32 inch chopper blue on April 16th. Submitted by Eddie Benfield

Catching high end slot drum on lite action rods and halo shad at the point! Caught around 8-10 between 3 of us in about 15min on the fall of the tide.
April 14
Blake Alderman

April 6-7
Caught 12 Reds between 24 and 30 inch 
and 32 inch Blue.
Ricky Price

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