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2010 Fishing (& other) Pics 
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Here is a few more pics from early in the season of me and Mark Smith my father in law.
We caught them on 8/20/10 we caught limit that weekened had a good time.
Travis Denton (Drumman)

Of course I've got to show off, a fish of a life time for me, so far, but it ain't over!!  This one was 42x25 inches,  caught 3 more smaller 39,29,29 inches. 
Wish I was back.  It was slow for us Saturday 10/30 and Sunday 10/31, then Sunday night we hit on some big blues and drum.  We were on the South Point, waders, wind coming STRAIGHT down the beach from the light house, still trying to get the sand out of my truck door locks and windows.  Wind was so bad we only fished standing in the water Monday, too sandy trying to stand on the beach  We were using cut blues/mullet on an 8/0 circle hook.  I am trying to get another trip before season ends. 
Connie M. Grant (aka Con)

Hey here is a pic of my Red Drum 37 inches caught on Nov 5th around 10:30 a.m. I tell u what -- a bad day over here beats any good day on the main land! LOVE IT!!
Travis Denton

Attached please find the picture of the 51” Red Drum caught by Jimmy Brown that won this year’s Diff Club Red Drum Tournament. It was caught on Thursday night, October 14th. You can see he tried to “chicken wing it”, but still couldn’t get the tail out straight!
Lance Brown

These drum were all caught Saturday of the Tournament. We didn't win anything but the catching was great.
First time tournament fisherpersons were Joan Johnson and Mark Baker. This was my second tournament but first good sized drum from the surf.

John Johnson

I saw some pictures on your site and thought I would send some from my recent trip.
I was up for a 4-day solo camping trip and fished two rods with cut mullet.  Final tally was 4 redfish (3 oversize around 30”; 1 undersize), 1 undersize flounder, 1 keeper gray trout, a few assorted fish (spot, whiting), and many, many bluefish. Overall, fishing was fair, but the weather and scenery were again beautiful and I left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
John D. Pazienza
Ft Lauderdale, FL

These Big Red’s were caught by Jimmy Brown (3825), Mike Matthews(3826) and Lance Brown(3828) on Monday night, October 11th. We had these three along with a  4th from Scott McCormick on the beach at the same time. The smallest was 39” and the biggest was 45” it’s the first time I’ve ever seen 4 big fish on the beach at the same time. Needless to say it was the start to a great week of CATCHIN’!
Lance Brown

They were caught by Diana Holcomb & David Holcomb [Team Taz] on Friday night [10/15] during the DIFF Tourney at the north end.
David Holcomb

Thought I would share this fish.  It is my personal best and first large drum ever caught on the island.  I caught it just above the sea buoy.  46" x 25 1/2" girth.  Thanks for sharing.  by the way, how much do you think a fish like that weighs?  He was heavy!
Kyle Conder

We were in paradise from Wednesday until Monday (10/7-10/10) and had a blast. Sunshine, the Ocean, and Friends Ain't nothing like it. Cant wait to come again. Thanks again to Annette and all the people at the Davis shore Ferry. 
We did finally put a slot Drum Mount at the Davis Ferry Office.  
Daniel Jaworksy

Fishing on the south end Saturday night, caught several sharks and rays.
(Oct 9-12)
Jeff Walker
More to come later but I just had to share this one now;  you can only take this picture once a year and then only if the weather cooperates. 
Now to go start cleaning out a month's worth of sand from the camper......
(One of the coolest Lighthouse pics I've seen! - Tom)
I have attached a few other pics that were taken during my stay as volunteer for Sept. You can share them if you want.
I saw Lanier's pic on the home page. Great moment.

Lanier in deep thought on Kathryn T. I wanted to share this with you all.  

(Looks like he might even be biting his nails - not sure - Tom)

Keara Joy Baines - 9/4/2010 - caught 2 puppies on her own brand new rod & reel from Neuse Sports Shop -- caught them while 2 rangers were watching -- all by herself!  I was talking to the rangers and mine got away!  All were released.  Caught near the Jetty close to high tide.  Caught a couple of pompano and blues south of camp. She caught butterflies, too.


Photo of manatee at south point - July 3d 2010.
Kevin Davis
(Don't scoff! -- I thought "It couldn't be...", but I looked it up and they do come this far north and farther! - Tom)
(We love to see the next generation of CALO fishermen! - TD)

Here are some pics we got on our first (and i mean first but not last) family trip on the island. 
It was the best family vacation EVER!! 
Heather S.
Liberty, NC

I caught this 2.60lb beauty on 05/29/10 on Davis island where the point is. 
Thought you might like to see it.
Ozgur Doganavsargil

We were fishing beside of Ozgur on the point and both caught nice fish on 5/29/10. 
A beautiful weekend!!
Jim Black

I was looking at the 2009 High Tide pictures on Drumwagon and thought you would like this one.  This was leaving the island on October 29, 2007.
Video by Dan Brennan & Steve Bruno.
Driver Herb Ridgeway
Don’t try this at home.
Herb Ridgeway

My dad caught this big 22inch flounder today May 14.
Annette's first big fish & one more.
(Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry)
Ricky Price
(He actually sent from Island on the 14th and we posted on 14th-- technology, huh!  Tom)

It was beautiful, we caught fish and had a lot of fun, weather was great.  Attached is a fish I caught around 10:30pm on May 6th.  48"/37.7lbs
Daniel Jaworsky

Pictures courtesy of fishmilitia and David Holcomb!
These are actually from Hatteras area, but it's gotta be fun pulling those monsters in a kayak -- be like the 'old man in the sea'.....
No matter where they're at -- some nice catches!
Tom @ dw

Just a few of the unusual things we encounter on our many trips to the Cape, One of the greatest places on earth
Phillip Parker

Here is a picture of my wife's first visit ever to paradise and what she caught there. She is now in love with Cape Lookout as much as myself. We are looking forward to our next trip to paradise. Will you please post the picture of her nice black drum she caught with my help.
Shane Fite
(Nice is an understatement - Tom)

(Additional info:  April 10th -- Honeymooning in Beaufort! 
Caught in front of lighthouse!)

Thought you would like to see a picture of a Puppy Drum caught at Calo that my business partner and I mounted for one of our fishing buddies.  We have a taxidermy business in Hickory NC and do a lot of large and small mouth bass, striper, trout, Deer, Etc.  but, rarely get to mount a  Drum.  This is not a replica, we use everything from the fish, head, gills, and skin.   We pride ourselves on making the fish look exactly like the catch. Since we finished this mount we have received four more that will be done in May.  We will be leaving one at the Ferry office with Annette.     If you want to see our work we are called Immortal Images Taxidermy and have a website.  Can't wait to get down there in May.
Daniel Jaworsky

Boy Scout Troop 8 had a great time on the island! We ended up doing a service project (picking up trash) for several hours on Friday afternoon and Saturday as well as going through some of the junior ranger adventures that the park service offers for the youth.

Fishing report: Cold front blew in Friday afternoon with a strong, cold, North wind. Sat. afternoon, the wind laid down enough to get the boys to the south point and we put them on the dogfish shark. We landed and released between 150 and 200 just as fast as I could get them turned around. One of our scouts did manage a 25", 5lb. puppy drum which got filleted and blackened in the cabin that night! This was exactly what we needed for these young men!

Thank you for all of the advice and prayers and a special thanks to Annette and Lanier at Davis Shore Ferry and to Lindsey and Cheryl at the park service for your parts in making this such an extraordinary event!
David Thompson
Cape Lookout, OBX from Pete Bell on Vimeo.

A piece I produced, shot and edited for UNC-TV's North Carolina Weekend.
There are over 300 miles of North Carolina coastline and many families make yearly visits to these beaches.  Hotels can get you close to restaurants and attractions but some folks are looking to cast off for a bit more adventure.  Pete Bell takes us out to the South Core Banks of Cape Lookout National Seashore
The vehicle ferry runs from March through December and is by reservation only.  You can find information about Cabin Rentals, Ferry Schedules, and how to plan a visit to Cape Lookout on the National Park Service's website at NPS dot Gov slash CALO (http://www.nps.gov/calo/)

Featured in the video are:
Jane Thomas
Great Island Volunteer
Wouter Ketel
Chief of Interpretation
Cape Lookout National Seashore
Lanier Mitchum
Owner, Davis Shore Ferry Service
Blue McKaskill
Richard McCaskill
Troy Carriker

Thanks to everyone that helped out on this, especially Laurel Varnado, who was an excellent produciton assistant and helped motivate me to get this produced.
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