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2008 Fishing (& other) Pics 
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This nice 26 inch drum was caught by Sky Day from Kernersville, NC on 10/18/08 at MM 40 at dusk.
These baby sea turtles were rescued from the sea gulls by Mark Wilkerson and Sky Day on 10/19/08 at the turtle nesting area near mm40.
Sky Day.

Here are pics from my last trip for the year.  November 13-17.  A very fishy trip.   The first evening spent fishing on the point, blues, small pups and 39" drum.   The rest of the trip was full of lots of black drum, few large mullet, lots of small pups,  blowfish including 12" one pictured, 15 spec trout largest being 23" and one keeper flounder.  One odd fish never seen before.  Very eel like, slimy but short for most eels I have seen.  Anyone know what it is?  One lost snapping turtle on the beach.  Many thanks to the ferry service.  Special thanks to Annette for all the fresh shrimp been enjoying for the last couple nights.  Um good.  See you all in May.  
Jayson Magura


Story ->>>>

Great weekend.  We have to go back to the island.  A few pics for the disbelievers and naysayers and a brief overview.
Weekend at cape lookout included the following events and a few pictures to go with it.

  • Friday November 7 We caught a Fat Albert on the Catamaran in light wind.  Jeff Cash was the rod man.

  • We made Ceviche for dinner with the Fat Albert and used the head for shark bait

  • Jeff Cash successfully deployed the head of Fat Albert out about 450yds in a sea kayak at Prime Shark Time days end and yours truly landed a 6 foot Bull Shark.

  • Saturday after 20 minutes of high speed fun I decided it was too windy to safely sail fish so we paddled out the remarkably undamaged Fat Albert head.  In a short while I had a 8í 6Ē Sand Tiger on and eventually put him on the beach.  We took some photos and released it which is pretty exciting opportunity to make a mistake pulling a Sand Tiger by the tail.

  • Later that afternoon John Ashworth deployed bait and I caught and released another enormous Sand Tiger from the beach.  This one was 8 Ď long and fought a much harder than the one before.  I wasnít sure who was going to win the battle for a while.

  • Late in the afternoon John Ashworth deployed bait and was the rodman to catch something we could finally eat, a tasty Atlantic Sharpnose.  The shark was a large contribution to the fish we had for dinner that night.

  • Sunday John Ashworth deployed bait I was told (the last picture) Heath Byrd was the rodman on a very large and strange looking ray that Iím confident someone can ID.
    And we caught a bunch of other smaller edible fish like whiting, blues, trout etc. to flesh things out.

Victor Jones

Just wanted to send in a few pics that we thought were really awesome, the weather was excellent and the fishing was good. Canít wait for next year. The people at the Davis Ferry were awesome, friendly good people, and we just wanted to say many thanks for everything they do. The girl in the one picture, we found her floating, a very quiet, yet attractive gal. Didnít say much the whole time we were there. Got her picture taken a lot from friendly fisherman. Tight lines to everyone! See you all next year.
George Smith
(Yes, I doctored the gal -- Family site!!!- Tom)

Very fun trip guys.  We are adding a day next year.

Hey Everyone,  Here are some pics from our trip Oct 10-14.   20+ puppy drum.  3 large drum Tim Pierce 42" and Jayson Magura 38" and 36".  Lots of flounder. Couple toads.  One ugly unknown fish, can anyone identify this fish?  Another great trip.  Many thanks to the Annette and the ferry staff.  See you all soon. 

(note: Fish was identified on Reports as Texas Monk or Southern Stargazer)

350 Pound Manta ray caught on 30 lb test.
Cape Lookout N.C. 2007
Edwin Davied

Shane was in heaven celebrating his 35th birthday Memorial Day week back at his favorite childhood fishing spot. Caught this giant 2 foot full donkey-toothed sheepshead, pompanos, and some mullets. Special thanks to our mentors and friends, Shelley and Buddy (seen here) for sharing their monumental drum catch...clams... toilet...and secrets. J Catherine, Shane, and Buddy 

p.s. Now I feel bad cause I didnít think to have a cake brought over but Annette and her family ARE amazing and sought out special sunscreen for our puppy Ė thanks again to everyone!


May 2008 Family trip to CALO. Great trip, these young folks are the future surf fishermen. I hope our paradise is available for there children. Tyler out fished Steven and myself at eleven. Tyler, brother Ethan, sister Hannah, Mom Sunni and Dad Steven Caskey are in Polaris.
Ed Caskey

We were on the island on Memorial Day weekend and caught a big drum, big blue, several trout and whitings and lots of skates.   No better place to celebrate your 50th birthday than fishing on the island with good friends!  Special thanks to Annette for getting a birthday cake and having it sent over on the big day - the ferry staff goes the extra mile and we really appreciate them! 

Here are some pics from my second spring trip to CALO 5/14-5/21.  Fish caught on this trip where small and big blues, sea mullet, flounder, 4 puppy drum, 3 big drum- 43",  42", and 38", few pompano and few puffers.   Thank you Mark Kennedy for running down the beach about 400yds+ to take pics of the big drum.   Thanks also to everyone at Davis Ferry Service and the NPS, look forward to seeing everyone this fall.  Best of luck out there.  Jayson Magura Asheville, NC 


Our second trip to Calo this spring 5/11 to 5/18 was filled with lots of wind, lots of big blues, the largest 35Ē and this highlight a 42 inch drum.  Thanks Jayson Margura for snapping a few pics for me.  And to the crew of Davis Ferry, thank you again for all you do.
Mark and Kathie Kennedy, LaGrange, NC

Hey Everyone Just wanted to share a picture of my Dad with his first big drum. The fight started at about 4:30 pm On Friday 5/9/08. Dad ( Dicky Powers) fought the fish for about thirty minutes before we were finally able to land him. It made everyoneís trip!!! The conditions that day were pretty rough. We had a strong wind coming from the South to Southwest at a steady 20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. Since it was our last day of fishing we had to give it a shot. I guess the conditions were good for this big boy. We canít wait to come back. We are planning a trip in September. Thanks to the Mitchums and all of the folks with the park service, you helped make our trip great.
Ryan Powers  aka k9 ryan

My brother aka "Sea Striker" and I went on the inaugural trip for our first beach wagon, "The Dinosaur."  The second day of the trip was producing mostly sharks, skates, and rays, but around 10:00pm Sea Striker's drum rod started to sing.  Another buddy grabbed the rod and started hollerin for Sea Striker.  Sea Striker, excited as a sixteen year old boy at prom night, rushed to the rod and began the battle.  We were hopeing and prayin that this was not another shark.  After about 35 minutes of combat fishin, Sea Striker said, "Get the light, he's right here in front of me."  The beam of light searched the dark, foamy water to discover a 49" Red, exhausted from battle.  Everyone was pumped!!!!!!We fumbled with the camera, snapped some good shots and worked the "Big Guy" back into the surf, making sure we didn't let go of him until he had his strength back.  Here's the proof.

Zack Raynor  aka "RAYNOR"

Hello,  Thanks for the great site. 
Here are some pictures of our latest trip to CALO 4/17/08-4/23/08. One of our best to date.  Lots of big blues.  Largest one measured 34" to the fork. 12+ puppy drum, 3 large drum 43" Jayson Magura, 46" Jodie Pierce first large drum and 46" Ryan Bumgarner  7 nice black drum largest one being 20" One super large Pompano 5lb 13oz. caught by Jayson Magura.   3 puffers. Lots of sea mullet.  Several large Sharks, along with plenty of dog sharks. 
Look forward to our next trip.  See you all out there.
Jayson Magura  Asheville, NC

Gary Williams from Salem Va enjoyed his first trip to Calo by catching two nice bluefish. He caught one 35" and one 31".
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