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2017 Fishing (& other) Pics
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Im a regular reader of the Drumwagon site and manage to get to the island At least once a year. This is a picture of my Dad, Charles T Haigh Jr, from the early 1980s with a nice blue caught in the fall.
Thought you might be able to post. Thanks!
Charles Haigh
(Real Piece of History!  Tom)
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2017 DIFF Tournament WINNER!

I was lucky and blessed to win this years Big Drum category in the DIFF tournament.  I am attaching a photo of the winning drum.  This fish was caught the second night of the tournament, Friday the 13th around 11:15pm.  

   I have also attached a 2nd photo taken the first night of the tournament.  These three fish were part of over 40 citation drum caught at Ophelia Inlet on Thursday night the 12th.  The fishermen in the 2nd photo are left to right Kevin Davis, Devin Lineberry, Derick Crater.  Although all were over 40, none of these three fish made the money.   
Devin Lineberry  

Who said Friday the 13th was bad luck?
Congrats Devin!

Few of the drum caught Friday 10/27 between 26a and 26b. Good weekend of fishing.
David Holloman


Here's a photo of the octopus in the conch.
John Dycus with his keeper black drum caught October 22.

Here's Matt Whitaker with the biggest red from our October 18-23 trip. From Double D and the gang on our 37th annual trip.
David Dycus

Shark and false albacore caught by Ben Joseph on Oct 16-17.
Sting ray was caught Oct 16 by David Randall and was 8 across.
Ben Joseph

Davis Shore Ferry ride across at 7 am
on Monday, Oct. 23
George Shouse

John Price caught yesterday 10/4/17 near the point.
Ricky Price

Hey Drumwagon! Here is a pic of a 9 pounder caught at the south end yesterday 9/24/17
Eric Freeman

August 17th & 18th @ Cape Lookout.
Jeremy & Russell Lee

5/23/17 On the point
Jeremy Walter Rogers

May 18
Jason caught a over slot red at north point from Shack Town NC
Jered Mabe

April 25th - 26" Drum
Mr. Curt Wood with Homer Hudson
submitted by Russell Lee

Have a few pics for you from this past weekend 21-23 Apr

First pic is 42 lb drum caught 21st at 10:30pm

Second pic is a 45lb drum caught same night at 11:15pm

Third and fourth are the same shark,
7ft 10inch Salmon shark caught 23rd at 1am 

Jerrell Coats

Cape Lookout 4-6 April 2017
The first picture is Nick Rollins with a 28 and 1/2 inch drum. Second picture Jeff Willis 23 inch drum. Third picture Jason Cowan Chopper Blue. Fourth picture Rusty Myers Chopper Blue. Last picture Nick Rollins Chopper Blue.
Jeff Willis

Left to Right:
Jeff Willis with Chopper Blue!
Randy Kelpey Chopper Blue!
Tommy Willis Chopper Blue!
The blues blitzed the jetty side of the point this past Saturday that's why we have some many pictures of them.
And Sunset hooked up to a Chopper Blue.
Jeff Willis
4-6 April 2017


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