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2009 Fishing (& other) Pics 
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It was great to get back to Cape Lookout November 5-9. 
Highlights include but not limited to:
  • Heath Byrd, John Ashworth, Brooks Scurry and   yours truly all caught very large Sand Tigers with some treacherous bait deployment by braver individuals John Ashworth, Jeff Cash, Doug Hollidge, Ross Klingman, Adam Martin, Alex Rodriguez, Rob Benton and possibly others.  Bait deployment is a lot scarier than reeling in a shark.  The waves, especially getting in, were pretty bad on kayak in front of the storm with the full moon.  Lots of wipe outs.  And not for the faint of heart.  One guy lost a wedding ring and broke a sage fly rod on a single monster wave, wiping out right as he saw us releasing an 8ft Sand Tiger in front of him on the beach.   Priceless and terrific all at the same time.   

  • Caught a couple of Bull Sharks as well.

  • We caught an enormous Rough Tail Stingray and I think almost everyone spent some time reeling it in.  It took like 3 hours to get it in.  Just the tail alone was like 8ft long.

  • A huge accomplishment is Doug Hollidge caught three False Albacore on a fly rod in one day from sea kayak .   Ross Klingman caught one as well from sea kayak . 

  •  On the Catamaran we caught 4 False Albacore in a couple of hours.  All on hand lines.  Jeff Cash, Alex Rodriguez and even I got to pull a couple in.  Albacore were used for ceviche and remains for shark bait above.  We saw drum schooling so thick it changed the color of the water from blue to tan and it looked like you could walk on them.  Also an enormous whale surfaced to breath right beside the catamaran.  We could see the blowhole and about 30' of back with no head or tail in sight.   About ten minutes after seeing the whale we accidentally broadsided a sunbathing Mola Mola.  The boat rocked hard and all but stopped when we hit it and that huge wing like fin was in the air right beside the starboard hull caught momentarily at the dagger board.  All I could see beside and under the boat was the fish and it was far bigger than us..........only at Lookout.  At first I thought it was a shark and then recognized the super long fin.

  • We also caught a bunch of blues, whiting, black drum, and etc....

  • Here are some photos of above for fellow Drumwagoners amusement!

Sand Tiger Sharks are Federally Protected species.  Our group uses single circle hooks to catch all the sharks.   All Sharks and the Ray were immediately released back into the ocean.  And all were in very healthy and powerful shape as they swam away.

Best Regards,

I have been coming my whole 32 year life and my dad alot longer. Love you guys and the site!
Here is a collection of a few!!

009-David Newsome and his rig, Wilson, NC
030-The best of my 50 pics of the lighthouse taken through the years. Taken 11-20-2009
007-My daughter Brooke Ellen's first Puppydrum, taken 11-21-2009.
017-Our rig, J.T. & Chris Sauls, Eureka, NC
Tell 'em to take a kid fishing, i have a personal best of 48 inches, but that little 12" throwback puppy is the one i am proudest of 'cause she did it all on her own, and didn't whine when she put him back!!!
Chris Sauls

Two great freinds and I caught the ferry on Nov 5. From the moment we hit the shore on the island the trip exceeded our expectations. We caught red and black drum, flounder, sheepshead, a pompano that weighed near 2 pounds and lots of other keepers of different varieties. And it was all topped off by this 46.5 inch red drum with a 29 inch waist. It was INCREDIBLE. For me it was the fish of a lifetime (so far, at least). Everyone from the folks on the ferry service to the NPS guys and girls went above and beyond to make this the BEST trip any of us had ever had. WE WILL BE BACK. 
Our thanks to everyone.
Herbert Hearne

We were fishing the south point during the week of 11/2 – 11/6.  All drum were caught on cut mullet.  The flounder was caught on shrimp at the bay side of the point.
Thanks for the great website. 
Robert Chason

My name is Scott, I caught this Drum on 11-04-09 on the south point of cape lookout. It was my first fishing on the outer banks. I'm hooked now. Hope to be back next year!

November 6 & 7 -- 6 of us came and we all caught lots of fish.  All of us caught drum.  Closest I'll get to paridise until I die. Cant wait to come back.  I,m the guy with the funny Hat.  You can see some pictures later in the week at Immortal Images taxidermy.com.  I post the pictures on our web but, I don't tell them were I go to catch them. (we all thank you for that! TD)
Daniel Jaworsky

2 of these puppy drum were caught on the south point and one at the turtle nest.
Sonya Graham

Camped at South End, endured heavy rain and high winds in the tents, what were we thinking?!  The trip was great (as always)!  Great time with families and listening to a lot of the old fishing tales from trips 20 years ago.  Already planning our next trip!  Here's couple of our pictures and hope to see some of them on the website: 
Matt "The Mighty Shark Catcher" - great catch, a lot of action
Vickie and her first drum - Certified!
Our very own "Cole the Crazy Pirate" showed up on Halloween
Cole, age 7, first Island trip, and like the fish he caught, he's hooked!
Uncle Red, he knows how to catch em'
Johnny Bravo - Big Pro
 I'm invisible in the pictures, but I was there too, catching fish and having a great time! 
We appreciate it and love looking at all the pictures on the website. 
Paige Dunford & Matt Burgess

The Cliffside, NC gang went to God's country on the 7:00 am ferry on Oct. 11 and came back to reality on Oct 18 on the 8:00 am ferry. We camped and fished on the south end between the point and the jetty. The bugs were few and the fish were plentiful. We caught 118 keeper flounder and 2 slot drums almost all of them at the point. We brought back 130 pounds of fillets.

These pictures are of the great season we had. The "Old Fart" could not go this year but if you look we had a picture of him with the fish. The picture taken on the 17th is of the whole gang. Grady in kneeling in front, then left to right Eddie, Butch, Rick, Jimmy and Conner. Huey is the "Old Fart" in the picture.

Fishing pics from Oct. 23 weekend at CALO.
Nate and Nick with some bluefish..
David with a 8lb. black drum.
David Young

Note from Tom:
I received the last picture (Right) from an anonymous source who informed me that Heather (Nate's/Nick's Mom) actually taught the boys how to fish --- Looks like she knows what she's doin' alright.

Here are a few pictures from a big 45 incher landed on Oct. 15 down at the south end around MM43 about 10:30 or so on that Thursday.  My nephew in the picture hooked the fish but his uncle had to keep the rod and him from going into the surf.  After the fish headed south about a quarter of a mile and 40 minutes later the fish was landed and returned to show everyone at the campsite.  The fish was released unharmed.  Note the fish is as big as my nephew, Matthew.  Matthew, his dad and papaw are in the second picture, his uncle Thomas is in the first picture.  Always a great time to be on the island, especially when fishing is as good as it was that week.
David Penninger

Here are a few of the nice red drum caught October 12-15th.  I posted a fishing report earlier.  Thanks for the website.
1st- Double D with the biggest of the trip 47” by 26” girth, it was raining but we didn’t mind
2d- Bubba with another 47 incher
3d- Rockin with another to be released
4th- Double D, this one was landed 3/8 of a mile from where hooked
5th- Charlie Boy said he couldn’t hold it up with one hand.
David Dycus

We camped and fished on the island Oct.  11-14.  On the night of Oct. 12, my cousin Don put us on a good spot just north of the point where I managed to land this big boy at low tide.
Rex Pegram
Apex, NC


"Argh! Booty ye last trip!"
Dan Kauffman- 26" Puppy, caught 300 yards
south of the buoy on Monday 10/12.

Had a great few days of fishing this past week. (Oct 1-3)  Arrived Wed and departed early Sunday morning.  The staff was extremely nice.  We caught some nice red drum, several pompanos, several keeper flounder, black drum, mullet, and even some Spanish.  Great Trip.  Thanks for all the hospitality.  Looking forward to the next trip.  Sending a few pics. 
Tim McLeod

Chad & Chase Harrell (age 8), along with their dad and a few friends caught over 150 puppy drum during the Labor Day holiday.
Scott Troxler


This big boy was caught on 11/11/08 By Daniel Smith, David Mitchum, and Donald Dujard at Cape Lookout last fall.  It took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to land him.
Steve Smith

(looks like the ranger may be checkin' his cooler? Tom)

4th of July
I fished for blues in the Chesapeake and Assatuge island haven't landed a big one like that for a while.

Here is a nice picture I took last October of 2008 of a Sunrise and thought I would share it.  I have made it my desk top background.  Enjoy
Grady N. Dye

May 15
This group of guys has been going to Cape Lookout for over 20 years. I have been lucky enough to go with them for the last 4 or so. The patriarch of the group, Mr. Bill. caught this 44" drum on shrimp with a tiny J hook, bottom fishing for sea mullet. Said it was the biggest fish of his life. Notice the hook in the fish's mouth and the 15 year-old staring on as the old man inspects his trophy. What a trip.
Dan's Country Store Crowd
Wayne County NC

May 16-17
Attached is a picture we took over the weekend.  This 23” Puppy Drum was caught off the North End of Great Island in Drum Inlet.  Interestingly enough it was caught on the outgoing tide with gothcha-plug!  We camp primitively on the island 3-4 times a year and usually stay as far North on the island as we can get.  This weekend had it’s share of storms but Saturday and Sunday during the day couldn’t have been prettier.

Dan Kauffman

Evan Graham enjoyed catching his biggest bluefish to date, a 34" chopper! We caught 10, all about the same size on May 14-16.
Barry Graham (silverfox)

This is me and my Grandson Aaron Lee from Newton Grove N.C. Aaron caught this 29” Drum on the outgoing tide near the weather station on April 17, 2009. We also caught two 20”.

Russell Lee

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