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2006 Fishing (& other) Pics 

Just wanted to say thanks for a great site and all your support. Here are some pics I would like to share. These were took back in November. After fishing all day this was the only catch a 27" 10lb Red Drum. Guess this made up for it. And the sunsets explain why we call this paradise! If anyone would like to see more of my pics they can visit my site at www.johnnywellsphotography.com
Thanks again Johnny Wells & Mary Ellen Wetherington

Email your fish (or unusual?) pictures (with short-story) to  tom@drumwagon.com!!

My brother and I have been going to CALO about twice a year since somewhere around 1973 and have always seen big drums caught but never did the catching.  Well here are the picks to prove it.  We caught them like this all day for two days last fall. 
Thanks for such a great site.

Shawn from Carthage N.C.

October 2006
Just wanted to pass on some pics from our annual fall trip.  Had another great trip where we all caught fish, and the temperature was perfect.  Can't wait to get back - only a few more months.
Ben Holder



Annual trip to the island in late October 06. Caught fish every day on the south side. Had a great time as always. See y'all next year!

Jimmy Kremidas

Hello! I love the site and just wanted to give you some photographs of the beautiful CALO.
- The drum swimming in the water has a sting silver in it's mouth.
41 inches 26 girth
- Caught on an old school daiwa rod and reel combo
- The sunset photos were taken during a blues blitz
-The BW photo is of driftwood (tree) from the banks
-Sandtiger close-up
We had an incredible five day trip that resulted in several different species of fish. Sharks of all types, huge drums, blues, sea mullet, trout, and flounder. The water was crystal blue the entire trip, and the wind reached almost 30 mph one day! I will sell prints of the driftwood and sunset for a very reasonable price to anyone interested.
Cheers,   Ryan Bumgarner  (e-mail link on his name)


Steven Caskey caught this beauty on 5/31/2006 Wed morning at 8:50 am on the north end . His dad Ed is helping out to get another shot.
Ed Caskey (left) landed this nice Drum on 5/31/2006 at the north end.
Jr Mosley & Steven Caskey landed these two blues on the south tip.

Dan Shull of Winston Salem.  Thursday, 4/13/06 7:30 P.M.  46" FL  26" Girth, approx 45 lbs: Caught on Sting Silver, 15 lb test, South Point, Davis Island -  Hooked in lower lip. Released
John, Mike, and David (me) caught 3 Puppies at the same time on Portsmouth Saturday April 29 2006 (New Drum Inlet).  The wind was coming hard out of the north and the tide was ripping down the beach (8 oz weights bounced like golf balls on concrete!).  But we were there to fish, so the hooks went in anyway!! The beach completely washed over at high tide, so you had to be careful. 
Altogether our group of 6 fishermen caught 16 Puppies, the largest being 33"x18" (caught by Mike on Monday May 1).  We only fished for 2 hours after each falling high tide.  
Post these pictures if you want to. 
Thanks, David Hawkins. Lillington, NC
Submitted by Moby Duck!

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Too Funny!! 
This is what you get when you've got a fisherman that watches
too many of those infomercials when he's not fishing!  (DW)

  .... Whale Steak?

Jason Loflin (JHawk) offered up these pics of the whale on the beach taken on April Fool's Day! (4/1/06)

My dad, Gus Royal, caught this big guy on April 3, 2006. 

Shannon R. Martin

Added Pics 03/12

Fish caught by Roho Barefoot, Dennis Leo,
and Lanier Mitchum (Ironhead) on
January 14th in front of lighthouse on black & white grub. 
Weighed in at 44 pounds!

Here are some pics from our 05 trip in late october. This is one of the best trips we ever had catching and releasing nearly a dozen fish ranging from 45 to 56 inches and keeping almost 10 more in the slot. The weather was funny, one day we were in shorts and t-shirts the next in waders and coats. Had a blast!  See you this October. 
Jimmy Kremidas

Hello Jack, my name is Ray Mosley . My brother Scott Mosley and I were looking at this ship wreck back in November and you rode up on a four wheeler . we talked about the wreck and you gave told us a little bit about it. I forgot the name you told us. though you might like to have a picture . Have a great day and God bless. Ray


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